Duck Feathers

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Duck Feathers are versatile, lightweight feathers that may be used in any arrangement. The...

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Goose Feathers

113 products

Goose Feathers are lightweight feathers that feature a broad shape and rounded oval tip....

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Guinea Feathers

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Guinea Feathers are spotted, lightweight feathers with fluffs decorating the quill tip. Their translucent...

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Ostrich Feathers

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<p>Ostrich Feather Plumes are known for their soft, fluffy shape and come in a...

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Peacock Feathers

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Peacock Feathers are popularly known and prized for their eye pattern found on the...

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Pheasant Feathers

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Pheasant feathers are beautiful, uniquely patterned feathers. Discover one-of-a-kid feather patterns and color combinations...

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Plumule Feather

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At Plumule Feathers, discover and create from an array of craft feathers fit for...

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Rooster Feathers

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Rooster Feathers are popular for their natural iridescent sheen. The coloring remains in both...

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Turkey Feathers

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Turkey Feathers are popularly known for their colorful feathers and wide range of feather...

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