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      0.75" Petite Floral Lace Trim - White

      Quantity: 1 yard Size: 0.75 inches wide

      Lace Trim - Floral Embroidered Edged Mesh Lace - Purple (9")

      This lace trim features sheen purple & taupe floral embroidered mesh lace. The edges of the lace are beautifully embellished with floral scallop designs. Use the black sheer mesh as evening...

      Lace Trim - Polka Dot Details Stretch Lace - Violet (6.5")

      This wide stretch lace trim features dainty polka-dot and wavy pattern details. Its wide width 6.5" makes it versatile for different project uses. The mesh lace have a slightly stretchy quality...

      Lace Trim - Scallop Lace Gradient - Blue & Purple - 2.5"

      This Scallop Lace Trim is dyed in a super vibrant gradient color fading from purple & blue.