Plumule Feather

At Plumule Feathers, discover and create from an array of craft feathers fit for any project! Select from a vast collection of authentic feathers that range in endless sizes, colors, patterns, and finishes. Craft feathers come in different amounts and packaging, from strung feathers, feather fringes, to loose plumes. These feathers offer versatile usage and a wide choice for budget and large-scale projects to crafting on-the-go. Feathers may come in natural, dyed, and patterned colors, and are offered throughout various feather types.

Find one-of-a-kind patterns in partridge, guineas, pheasants, and roosters or dazzle a headpiece with natural iridescent sheens from peacock swords and rooster tails.

Use craft feathers for projects such as millinery crafting, headpiece making, DIY earrings and bracelets, and centrepiece arrangements!

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