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At Plumule Feathers, discover and create from an array of craft feathers fit for any project! Select from a vast collection of authentic feathers that range in endless sizes, colors, patterns, and finishes. Craft feathers come in different amounts and packaging, from strung feathers, feather fringes, to loose plumes. These feathers offer versatile usage and a wide choice for budget and large-scale projects to crafting on-the-go. Feathers may come in natural, dyed, and patterned colors, and are offered throughout various feather types.

Find one-of-a-kind patterns in partridge, guineas, pheasants, and roosters or dazzle a headpiece with natural iridescent sheens from peacock swords and rooster tails.

Use craft feathers for projects such as millinery crafting, headpiece making, DIY earrings and bracelets, and centrepiece arrangements!

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      01 platinum silver01 platinum silver
      02 grey02 grey
      05 black05 black
      06 dark brown06 dark brown
      07 rustik brown07 rustik brown
      08 milk chocolate08 milk chocolate
      09 nude09 nude
      10 peach10 peach
      11 tangerine11 tangerine
      12 persimmon red12 persimmon red
      13 poppy red13 poppy red
      14 maroon14 maroon
      15 cinnamon15 cinnamon
      16 raspberry16 raspberry
      17 rosewood17 rosewood
      18 sangria18 sangria
      19 lilac19 lilac
      20 silk purple20 silk purple
      21 purple21 purple
      22 royal blue22 royal blue
      23 navy blue23 navy blue
      24 turquoise24 turquoise
      25 sky blue25 sky blue
      26 emerald26 emerald
      27 forest green27 forest green
      28 dark moss green28 dark moss green
      29 moss green29 moss green
      30 pear30 pear
      31 green apple31 green apple
      32 aqua blue32 aqua blue
      33 orange33 orange
      35 lime green35 lime green
      36 hot pink36 hot pink
      37 royal blue37 royal blue
      38 mint38 mint
      39 wine red39 wine red
      40 magenta40 magenta
      41 lemon yellow41 lemon yellow

      Feather Trim - Goose Feather Satinette Fringe Trims (1 yard)

      16 mixed colors16 mixed colors
      00 white00 white
      01 black01 black
      02 red02 red
      03 purple03 purple
      04 yellow04 yellow
      05 royal blue05 royal blue
      06 hot pink06 hot pink
      07 orange07 orange
      08 lime green08 lime green
      09 green09 green
      10 lilac purple10 lilac purple
      11 mango11 mango
      12 turquoise12 turquoise
      13 pink13 pink
      14 brown14 brown

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