Wholesale & Production

Sussman’s carries a wide range of crafting supplies and we're always expanding our collection! Many of our products are privately imported and specially produced for Sussmans Supply Co. If you are interested in large volume purchases or custom wholesale production, please contact us with what you are looking for!

Button Making

Refashion and accessorize old jackets, outfits, hats, and more with our custom button services! With an array of sizes to choose from, our in-house Master Makers and button machine are available to create the right buttons for the occasion. Each button is treated with care through a process of hand trimming and pressing fabrics of your choice into a delicate detail.

Color Lab

Down to the smallest details, our custom-dye specialists are here to assist in matching materials to your colour needs. If our library of materials does not suit your palette, please consult with our Colour Lab Technicians about our custom dye work!


We have over 2000+ different types of feathers in all sorts of sizes and colors. Sussman's specialize in custom feather orders and dye lots that best compliments your designs in small or large productions.